App keeps accounts, and generates of unique easy-type passwords.

    Accounts have corporation name, user, email, website, notes. Passwords are not saved for security purposes. Write them on a separate document. A Html report id is generated from database to enter in passwords. The account-id is used for reference. Once an account is selected, go to the paper book to find the actual password, by its passport-id.

    This method means if either are stolen, they are unusable. If the both are stolen or lost, the person who has possession must know how to link them up.

    The option to export is good for backup, in case database is corrupted.

    Have no expectation of privacy on online devices.

    The Accounts list has an option to sort for five types of corp name, open date, account id, user name, and custom sort.

    Search feature from menu makes the search text appear. Click the search button and start typing corp name of an account or name on your contact list. Suggested items from those bases are listed. Select a contact item, it shows contact info. Select item for an account, it shows the edit page for the account.

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