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    ActionComplete helps people around the world become purposeful, effective, and successful in career, relationships, and other aspects of life.

    The hallmark of ActionComplete GTD Toolkit is its streamlined yet flexible and sophisticated task management approach that enables people of all walks of life to take a firm grip on their tasks, assignments, errands, and to-dos and put a stop to leaks through the cracks.

    ActionComplete GTD Toolkit is designed to stay close to the vision of Getting Things Done book by David Allen. ActionComplete does not claim to be a "full implementation" of GTD. Rather, it takes its key elements and leverages them in an efficient and simple to use way.

    ActionComplete manages four types of tasks: actions, waits, projects, and ideas. Actions are tasks that can be accomplished directly. Waits are delegated tasks that need to be followed upon or events that are to happen. Projects describe anything that cannot be completed in a single step. Ideas are thoughts that need to be captured but are not ready to be acted upon at this time.

    If your task management style is mainly based on urgency, you'll want to assign your tasks due dates. Tasks due today and overdue tasks appear in green and red, respectively, so that you can spot them easily. They also appear in the Urgent Tasks list accessible from the app home screen.

    For time-sensitive tasks you might want to setup reminders. Reminders produce audible and visual alerts at specified times. Past due reminders are displayed in the Reminders list accessible from the app home screen.

    If your task management style is largely importance-driven, you'll want to leverage the importance task attribute. Task panels are color-coded according to the importance of the corresponding task for easy visual identification. Critical tasks are displayed in the Importance Tasks list accessible from the app home screen.

    Tags and places are great for organizing your tasks. With tags and places you can distribute your tasks among a number of manageable buckets and make it easier to put a spotlight on things that would lay forgotten otherwise.

    To simplify planning and analysis, ActionComplete provides several filters and a number of sort options. With filters you can slice and dice your task realm to zoom in and out as needed. Sort options let you get the best view of the landscape.

    If you need additional structure in your task management framework, consider projects. Projects can contain child actions and waits.

    ActionComplete comes with a set of 4 app widgets. Important Tasks, Urgent Tasks, and Reminders widgets reveal the tasks that need most attention. Add Task widget enables efficient task entry right from the home screen of your phone.

    You can use ActionComplete GTD Toolkit for Android as a standalone application or together with ActionComplete for Web.

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