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    Activity Timer is a simple to use visual countdown timer for timing tasks up to 24 hours.

    This is a fully functional 14 day trial. After 14 days, timers will be limited to 10 minutes and show ads.

    Do you ever get distracted from your tasks or need to make sure you work for a certain amount of time?

    Simply swipe the face of the timer to set the length and then press the start button. Activity timer can give you
    reminders to keep you on track or even play a sound while you are performing your activity.

    ** Just published: Activity Timer Holo - an activity timer that allows multiple running timers and up to 10 custom length intervals per timer! Check it out if you want a sleek Holo inspired customizable timer.

    Visually see at a glance how much time is remaining to motivate you to stay on task. The color of the timer reflects the amount of time left as it changes from Green to Yellow at 2/3 time and then to Red at 1/3 time remaining.

    Create a timer for your workout, another for meditation, another for your child's homework and access them all easily from the main screen with a single touch.

    Activity Timer will also help those with learning disabilities to understand how much time they have left to complete their activity.

    *** If you don't hear alarm sounds, make sure device Notifications are not turned off and that device Alarm volume setting is high enough.***

    Completely rewritten and now features:

    * Swipe dial to set timer in minutes (from 1 minute to 24 hours)
    * Press the time left box to set a specific amount (HH:MM:SS)
    * Change the timer theme/background
    * Create timers and access them instantly
    * Play an alarm when the timer is done
    * Play an alarm when the timer changes color
    * Play a sound while the timer is running
    * Timer Log details how long and often you complete tasks.

    Use Activity Timer to track:
    * Homework time
    * School time
    * Class time
    * Consulting time
    * Cooking
    * Game time
    * Time out
    * Patient (healthcare) time

    ***Perfect for teaching kids (and us adults) time management***

    Here is an explanation of the permissions used by this app:

    FULL NETWORK ACCESS - This allows the app to send crash(app) and issue(user) reports to help capture problems for future improvements.

    PHONE CALLS - READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY - This permission allows the app to generate and read a unique device ID so that when sending crash or issue reports, it can be associated with them.

    YOUR ACCOUNTS - FIND ACCOUNTS ON THE DEVICE - This permission is used during showing the report issue screen to allow the user to select the email address instead of typing it in. Many past reports were sent with incorrect email addresses that were typed by the user and we were unable to follow up for more information with them. We do not collect the email addresses at any time.

    CONTROL VIBRATION - Allows the app to make your device vibrate if chosen at the end of a timer.

    NETWORK COMMUNICATION - VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONS - Allows the app to see if there is a network connection in order to send bug and issue reports.

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