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    Activity aims to make your weekly task planning and time tracking as easy as pressing a button. We know weekly time tracking can be a chore, but with Activity it isn't. Activity is easy to use: without disturbing your work it encourages you to accurately keep track of your tasks throughout the day.

    Key features include:

    - Plan weekly tasks: allocate a time budget, priority setting, and group related tasks together. Quickly copy tasks from previous weeks into a new week.

    - Track your time: indicate which task you are working on by simply selecting it from your weekly task list. Activity shows your budget as well as your actual time spent on each task.

    - Feedback: after switching tasks, Activity informs your of the time you've just spent. You can then indicate whether you've enjoyed working on that task.

    - Make adjustments: even with Activity you might sometimes forget to switch tasks. Luckily, making adjustments is easy, fast, and possible at any time.

    - View reports: at the conclusion of a week, view a detailed summary of your tasks. For timesheet reporting, Activity allows for the automatic distribution of time towards billable tasks.

    - Export reports: all reports generated by Activity can be exported for use in any spreadsheet application.

    - Archiving: Activity keeps an archive of all weeks you've created, for easy viewing. An option to clean the archive to free up your phone's memory is included.

    Although Activity is extremely intuitive to use, a user guide is included as part of the application.

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