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    Add2Inbox is a super-simple way to save content on the go by using the power of your inbox.

    Say you’re going over an article in a news app, but you don’t have any time right now to read it fully. You could send it to your to-do list, but when are you ever going to remember to read it? A better idea would be to send the article to your email, which you check all the time, but the process to send it is simply inconvenient. The solution? Add2Inbox! Simply by tapping the share button, then the Add2Inbox icon in the menu, the article’s link is sent to your inbox to be read at your convenience.

    Using your email Inbox as a way to remind yourself to read articles, visit websites, or download apps when you just don’t have the time to deal with them on your phone, Add2Inbox redirects content from Android share menus to your email quickly in the background. What would normally take several taps and keyboard entries to do, Add2Inbox does in just 2 taps.

    After downloading the app, open it once so it knows what email address to send content to (you only have to do this after installation). Then you can simply use the regular share feature on any app to select “Add2Inbox” and it will email you a link to whatever page you have shared.

    Q: How is this any different from choosing the GMail App in the Share Menu?
    A: Add2Inbox provides a faster and quicker solution, and is optimized for sharing multiple items back-to-back.

    Q: Which permissions does the app use?
    • INTERNET: Required to Add content to Inbox, as it sends an email to your own inbox.
    • GET_ACCOUNTS/USE_CREDENTIALS: Needed to obtain access to Google Services
    • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Used to check if Airplane mode is enabled before Adding to Inbox.

    Q: Is the app open source?
    A: Yes! The first release is under a CC License. Link:

    Q: Which email accounts can Add2Inbox use?
    A: Currently, only Google Mail (Gmail) is supported. More support is on the way!

    Q: What apps can Add2Inbox be used with?
    A: Add2Inbox can currently add text-based content to your inbox. This means you can share content in apps like:
    • Chrome
    • Play Store
    • Google Maps
    • YouTube
    • Most News Apps (Currents, etc)
    • And more!

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