Advocate Diary Case Mgt. Trial-1200 SMS free/year




    To use SMS feature-Dont forget to add / update clients mobile number also.This is a free & Trial version for advocates, there is other free app for your clients i.e., from this client version app, your clients can see the case status by them selves without even contacting you, you will have to manage the cases status on lawyer version and client will get it on their client app version.

    This advocates app supports 17 languages

    Marathi मराठी
    Hindi हिंदी
    Gujarati ગુજરાતી
    Punjabi ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
    Kannada ಕನ್ನಡ
    Malayalam മലയാളം
    Oriya Oରିଯ
    Bengali বাঙালি
    Tamil தமிழ்
    Telugu తెలుగు
    Spanish Español
    Arabic العربية
    Russian русский
    Mandarin 普通话
    Japanese 日本語
    Portuguese português

    a) Schedule SMS and Email reminder on your email Inbox-Daily/Weekly/Monthly to clients and advocates
    b) Android mobile device and Website account free of cost
    c) Offline application functionality, no need of internet
    d) Multiple device and website support
    e) Data backup on our servers,stay relaxed

    Online & Offline app For Hi-tech Lawyers / Advocates who need to schedule their cases in different courts(High Court/Supreme Court or any court). this is the offline application (no internet required to operate), data will be saved in your handset, hence its very fast, please watch the video for clarification.

    This app will help you save lots of time. You can use this app for case mgt. for different courts and different clients. You have to add courts and clients only once first time and it will be ready for your use in the dropdown while case adding / editing.

    You can also use website version.
    URL ->
    Username -> {Your email address which you add in personal info page}
    Password -> {Your mobile numbers last 4 digits which you add in personal info page}

    Do the following in order to use this app

    1) Add at least one Case (Homepage -> Manage Cases-> Click on the right top icon "+" symbol)
    2) Add at least one case hearing for getting emails from system (Homepage -> Click "Add Case Hearing")

    You will get notification on your mobile and email regarding your future schedules automatically.

    Technical Support will be given 24 Hours * 7 Days a week * 365 days a year
    Your data will not be shared with other users, its backed up on our high end servers.

    1) Court Management
    a) Add Court
    b) Update Court
    c) Show the Court Listing
    d) Search the Court

    2) Client Management
    a) Add Client
    b) Update Client
    c) Show the Client Listing
    d) Search the Clients

    3) Case Management
    a) Add New case
    b) Update the case Details
    c) Search for particular case
    d) Add Case Hearings Details
    e) Update Case Hearing (Update next hearing date / remarks / Next Fixed For )
    f) Update case to Decided so that it wont come in the dropdown in future for scheduling

    4) Schedule
    a) Show schedule for Today
    b) Show schedule for Tomorrow
    c) Show schedule for Coming week
    d) Show schedule for Coming month
    e) Show schedule between any given date selected by you from easy date picker
    f) Search from the schedule
    g) You will get daily and weekly emails for your next schedules related to any case so that no need to open a physical diary and you can pre-intimate your clients accordingly about the case schedule date

    5) Data Backup (Internet is required on mobile device for taking data backup)
    a) Dont worry even though your mobile is stolen or damaged, backup is there if your mobile have working internet connection

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