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    Agile Poker for Estimation: Improve the Speed & Reliability of Your Estimates!

    Estimating work is difficult to do well, and difficult to do quickly. Our Agile Poker Smart-Phone Cards leverage your team’s expertise to produce quick and accurate results. By using these mobile estimation decks, we eliminate the problem of expert bias, and ensure that your team produces the best possible results—without the fuss and bother of paper card decks!

    How It Works
    1. Each estimator selects a set of cards from their mobile app.

    2. Facilitator reads item to be estimated, and moderates a brief discussion to clarify details.

    3. Facilitator calls for estimates. Each estimator places estimate face down, hiding the value.

    4. Facilitator calls for vote, and all estimators turn over their phones with the card image facing up at the same time.

    5. If all cards agree, their value is recorded as the estimate.

    6. Otherwise, facilitator asks high and low estimators to explain their reasoning, and moderates a brief discussion to clarify issues.

    7. Repeat 3-6 until estimates converge.

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