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    AgroidPro can measure distances, perimeters and areas (metric, imperial and Thai units for length and area): it is useful for measuring any planimetric element such as lands, fields or buildings (app designed for a high OUTDOOR visibility, no internet required).

    If you are looking for more than a regular map ruler to measure areas, you have found it! This app has got lots of unique features that make it one of the best choices on the market!


    GPS collection and measuring by just walking/driving around (TRACKING mode)


    Survey complete of geotagged PHOTOGRAPHS and user NOTES

    Map and data SHARING

    KML and TXT data EXPORTING

    PLANT CALCULATION: plant quantity for the current area

    TRELLIS LAYOUT: layout of the trellis directly on the map!

    TRELLIS CALCULATION: end/line post and wire quantity for the current layout

    ROOF AREA CALCULATION: real roof area from the planimetric area

    DRIP LINE RATE CALCULATION: application rate and drip tubing length


    Possible to use external Bluetooth receivers (see appendix 4)

    Maps can be downloaded in advance avoiding any internet connection during a survey


    AgroidPro has different operating modes:
    - Survey mode (to measure without maps, GPS driven)
    + Map mode (to measure with maps, Map driven, Android 3+)
    + Mixed mode (satellite & manual)

    Coordinates can be retrieved from different sources:
    - GPS (points collected according the specified accuracy)
    + Average GPS (average of points collected in the specified period)
    - Tracking (satellite points collected according to specified rate/interval)
    - Reference (lat/lon manual input)
    + Map center marker (lat/lon specified on the map)
    + Address (any postal address)
    + KML file import (any Point, Polyline, Polygon)

    Map providers:
    - Google Maps (Satellite, Street, Hybrid, Terrain)
    - Open Street Map (OSM)

    Coordinates can be viewed or shared with different standards (WGS 1984):
    - Global Positioning System coordinates (EPSG:4326)
    + Web mercator coordinates (EPSG:3857)
    + UTM coordinates

    Main geographical point functions:
    - delete
    - edit
    - move
    + distance to next
    + angle
    + angle to next
    + add/edit note
    + add/edit picture
    + navigate to

    Main document functions:
    - Maps
    - Views
    - Toolbar
    - Zoom
    - Select point
    - File (New, Open, Save, Export, Delete)
    + Calculator (Planting, Trellis, Roofing, Drip Irrigation )
    - Measure (Distance, Perimeter, Area)
    + Backup/Restore
    - Share

    Available measurements units:
    + Length units: meter, km, feet. yards, miles, wa
    + Surface units: sq m, sq km, ha, sq feet, sq yards, sq miles, acres, tarang wa, ngan, rai

    Multilanguage: English, Italiano

    Follow the automatic hints in order to use the app properly.

    Read the embedded User Guide:read carefully the accuracy chapter to achieve the best results!

    For any info or troubleshooting you can contact us at

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