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AIL Prof. Logistics Timing

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    AIL Prof. Logistics Timing

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    AIL Professional Logistics Timing

    Quickly and effectively allocate and measure time in a way that is visually clear and universally understood. Use the smartphone or tablet you already have and always have with you anyway!

    Three indicator colors are used: green, yellow and red. Begin in a green state for obvious reasons. The yellow color indicates a certain amount of time has passed and a certain amount of time remains at the time you set. The red color indicates that all allocated time is over. Maximum elapsed time is tracked up to a set time determined by the following formula: (Allotted Time + (Allotted Time *4)). By detailed proprietary visual and programming design, during the last fifteen seconds the background unmistakably flashes between yellow and red.

    The AIL Professional Timing programs fit neatly on both smaller smartphone screens and larger tablet screens, so the message gets seen no matter what mobile device you have with you. User inputs are minutes in allotted time, minutes till caution time, seconds in the reporting interval and seconds delay(optional).

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