AIS Football Planner H.S. Team

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    AIS Football Planner H.S. Team

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    AIS Football Practice Planner - High School Team.

    Enter YOUR OWN sets of drills/routines/activities in one slot, and coaches/leaders/locations in the other slot [via the add items button]. Put the minutes that an activity is planned to take, and then activate a green/yellow/red timer to manage time to help get the winning results you need.

    YOUR current daily activity plan is saved from one day to another. Besides formal and informal practice plans, your daily activity plan can even include pre-game, travel and post-game activities. Activities/Coaches/Locations can be changed for any given day on-the-fly or as part of your plan as many times as needed during the day. The changes are automatically saved when the application is active.

    Every program feature except Yahoo weather runs without the Internet, so Internet connectivity is not an issue as you run practice and game days. Put in your location code into the link box, press the button on the application and the local weather appears. Hourly and extended forecast weather is available from Yahoo also.

    1) Wake lock keeps the activity timer visible to you.
    2) Needs Internet permission to get Yahoo weather.
    3) Read and write to external storage. YOUR last daily sets of activities, coaches/locations and activity times are saved from one moment to to another via data persistence (Android OS secure). Administration functions saved to text files on SD Card/Internal Storage (NO, never any, unauthorized developer access whatsoever by design or by accident).

    You and/or your GM/AD is highly encouraged to send your own team or school logo to install in the application. This adds $3.00 per installation, but the look and ownership of the customization is worth the small additional cost. This and any even further content/feature customizations wanted by you are done by Lance Foss at your request/expense and are released to you again via the Google Store.

    VERSION V3.0 and concurrently released VERSION V3.1:
    Sports/performance-level appropriate and enhanced functionality in addition to sport specific administrative content such as team rosters and game schedule outlines.

    *** High School Football Administration V3.1:
    1) High School Football Roster - 55 football player position slots already labeled for a Varsity, Junior Varsity and Ninth Grade Team as needed (extra lines available).
    2) High School Football Game Schedule - slots available for up to twelve regular season games and three playoff games (extra lines available).
    3) Important Dates - 25+ lines freeform space
    4) Game Strategy - 25+ lines freeform space
    5) High School Self Assessment - 25+ lines freeform space

    Copyright Lance W. Foss 2012 - developer/programmer technical, entrepreneurial and product features. Long-term programmer/developer-customer relations encouraged. Email or call in addition to pay/download app OK.

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