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AIS Football Practice Plan Pro

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    AIS Football Practice Plan Pro

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    AIS Football Practice Planner - Professional.

    Enter YOUR OWN activities and coaches and/or locations. Put the minutes that an activity is planned to take, and then activate a green/yellow/red timer to manage time to help get the winning results on- and off-the-field you need.

    YOUR activities, coaches/locations and activity times are saved from one day to another! Activities can also be changed for any given day as many times as needed during any given day. The changes are automatically saved when the application is active, and when reopened, shows the last changes you've made.

    There is an Internet link to Yahoo weather. Put in your location code into the link box, press the button on the application (your phone or tablet needs Internet access for the weather feature to work), and the local weather appears. Hourly and extended forecast weather is available from Yahoo also. Every program feature except Yahoo weather runs without the Internet, so Internet connectivity is not an issue Coach as you run practice and game days.

    Coach, you and/or your AD is highly encouraged to send a team or school logo to install in the application. This adds $3.00 per installation, but the look and ownership of the customization is worth the small additional cost.

    For more information about this or anything else computing, email Copyright 2012 format, function, fit and finish - Lance W. Foss. In addition, all Professional and Intellectual Property rights secured.

    Tailored versions are available for football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, softball, swimming, wrestling, golf, rugby, gymnastics, cheerleading/dance, band, performing arts, individual sports, track and field, water sports, motorsports at the middle school, little league & midget level, the high school level, club level, the university level, and professional sports/performance levels. Corresponding general application prices are $4.49, 6.99, 6.99, 24.99 and $39.99.

    Practice Day/Date like:
    Tues July 7, 2015

    Practice Time like:

    Notes like:
    Hand-out new gear and uniforms 0900. Returning players keep same numbers - change in two weeks if position changes or starting player request from non-starter or mutual player agreement. Names on practice jerseys.

    Practice Activities can be like:
    - PT/Trainer/Treatments
    - Meeting
    - Game Prep and Film
    - Stretching/Calisthenics
    - Aerobic Conditioning
    - Running
    - Wind Sprints
    - Weight Room
    - Drills
    - Locker Room/Break
    - Breakout Sessions
    - Walk-throughs
    - Scrimmage
    - Full contact scrimmage
    - Skills practice
    - Game Day
    - Travel
    - Meal
    - Pregame Routines
    - Line-ups
    - Coaches Corner/wrap-up
    - Post Game
    - Administration
    - Other/Miscellaneous
    - ----------

    Coaches and/or Locations can be like:
    - Coach Newcomb
    - Coach Jackson
    - Coach Smith
    - Coach Byrne
    - Trainer Rayfetto
    - Coach Hart
    - Coach DeBart
    - Coach Colley
    - Coach Hymen
    - Coach Wylie
    - Coach Hatcher
    - AD Ward
    - Weight Room
    - Stadium
    - Stadium-away
    - Varsity Practice Field
    - JV/Fr. Practice Field
    - Track
    - Basketball Court
    - Gymnasium
    - Cafeteria
    - Locker Room
    - Classroom/AV
    - Hotel
    - ----------

    Copyright Lance W. Foss 2012 - all developer/programmer technical, entrepreneurial and product features. Long-term programmer/developer-customer relations wanted. Email or call in addition to downloading app.

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