Alarm Manager




    An alarm clock with simplest design. Most reliable and highest rated alarm clock for Android!
    Do you get late for office in morning? Wake up gently and avoid any worries.

    Customize your wakeup with this advanced alarm clock. Set your morning alarm to wake you up gently.
    Set alarm simple and quickly.

    - Set alarms
    - Use custom ringtone
    - Alarm works even screen is locked or android is in silent mode

    Customize your wake up with this advanced alarm clock and use it for reminders and timers throughout the day. Set your morning alarm to slowly increase in volume and wake you up gently.

    Do you have problems turning off your alarm only to fall back to sleep? Wake up gently and avoid accidentally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock. This alarm clock and timer includes features that prevent excessive snoozing and get you out of bed.

    Alarm is the only alarm clock that can be stopped by turning on the light of your bedroom. But it has many other features:
    - Choose a folder with songs or your playlist as a tone and a different song will be played each day.
    - When you set the alarm Turbo Alarm shows the weather forecast for the time when the alarm rings.
    - Do you want to wake up little by little? Then, select incremental volume and the time to reach the maximum.
    - Select the way the device vibrate when the alarm rings: relaxed, normal, rapidly or none.
    - You can choose the way to finish or snooze the alarm: switching the room light on, shaking the device, drawing a square or triangle, sliding a bar, long press, short press or just a big or a small button.
    - Simulate the sunrise in your bedroom with your favorite color.
    - Decremental snooze interval .
    - You can limit max snooze times.
    - Night clock with auto mute notifications.
    - Skip any day of the week (with a long press on the day). You will never forget to reactivate the alarm again.
    - Give a name to the alarms to remind you some events.

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