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    New Features: A touch mode which is intended to be used on tablets

    Wii feeling for Android! Create virtual sculptures with Your Smartphone. Share created sculptures by sending them directly from the app!
    All you need is a fast smartphone (i.e. Currently the Samsung 9000 is tested), this app and an object representing the chisel (e.g. a textmarker). The moves of your chisel representative in the real world are tracked and transferred into moves in the virtual studio.
    Instead of fumbling around with splines and 3D primitives in 3D tools, You just form your ideas in a virtual studio!

    Checkout the AndroAngelo-Website for Tutorials, Videos and additional Informations! And please, send some of Your sculptures. I'd love to see them.

    The basic idea is to use the camera of the Smartphone to film the moves of a object representing the chisel. The moves are tracked and transformed into moves of a chisel in a virtual studio. In this studio a block of material is formed by the moves of the chisel.

    Quick Start
    Download and install the AndroAngelo app on your android smartphone
    - Start the app
    - Grab a yellow textmarker and target it with camera of the
    smartphone. Verify in the preview-frame in the lower right screen that the textmarker is in view of the camera. Move the textmarker by ca. 10cm from left to right. The sphere on the screen, the virtual chisel, should follow your moves.
    - By moving your fingers on the touchscreen, the position of the virtual artist in the studio is moved. By pressing the "Focus" button, the distance of the chisel is adjusted to the part of the block indicated by the green cross.
    - If the sphere intersects with the block or comes close to the block the impacted elements will be highlighted.
    - Pressing the "Action!" button on the upper left section of the screen will make the impact on the highlighted parts of the block effective. Now move around and form the block with the chisel.
    - Select the color-tool (">>" -> "Tool" ->"Color"-> blue field) and color parts of the block.
    - Select the create-tool (">>" -> "Tool" -> "Create"). Now the shape-boundaries are displayed by dots. Hitting the "Action!" button now creates material within the boundaries of the chisel-sphere.
    - Select "options" -> "Save Image", and the current view on the sculpture is stored to the SD card file system.

    Calibration Quick Start

    As Chisel representative every object can be used, which differs enough from the background. As size a diameter of 5cm proved well.
    Suitable objects had been:
    - Textmarker
    - Post-Its sticked on a pen
    - Lids of colorful thermos-bottles
    - Screwdrivers
    - colored table tennisballs

    1. Open the context menu, select "Calibrate chisel"
    2. Move the chiselrep to the center of the preview-display.
    3. Touch the center section of the preview-display, wait until the calibration sequence has finished.
    4. Verify the detection on the screen by moving the chiselrep within the preview frame
    5. Enter a name and hit "Save"
    6. Return to the main-screen.

    For more informations, screenshots, manual and videos check the Webpage.

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