Android Windows 8 Lock




    This free app is used to lock/unlock the cell phone screen. The locked interface looks like Windows 8, have a try!

    Locked interface
    It seems like that your cell phone is based on the Windows 8 system from the locked screen.
    This app supports full screen mode and status bar expand mode. Choose the one you like in setting.

    Unlocking ways
    Slide to the lock icon to unlock screen.
    This app also allows you to open some certain programs, including camera, internet, music, dialing interface and SMS. Press the image and slide to the right side of the screen to unlock and open the relevant program.
    You can long press the Menu button to unlock screen quickly if you have opened this function in setting.

    Open and close this app here. And some other settings can be rest here, such as turn on/off sound and vibrate, full screen or status bar expand and fast unlock. Click to turn them on and then you can use these functions.

    Other functions
    Date and time display
    Current battery percentage
    Simulate Windows 8 interface

    1. This is a FREE app.
    2. Please give this app some support if you like it. You can contact us though email.

    About Windows 8
    Windows 8 is a version of an operating system developed by Microsoft made by Microsoft Windows for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops and tablets and so on.

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