ASPult application is meant for using with Lift Monitoring&Diagnostics system (LMDS), prodused by “Lift-Complex DS”.
    The LMDS provides both a voice communication and a dispatcher’s control of elevators and escalators of different manufacturers.
    These features are supported by the Lift Unit, which is a hardware of the LMDS.
    With ASPult application a remote monitoring, control and keeping statistics become available.
    ASPult is a client application of the LMDS.
    Additional information on ASPult features could be obtained via using demo connection.
    To establish this connection one can press “Demo” button, then press “Connect” button.
    After connection established, the list of accessible lift units appear. Switching between elements of the list, expanding and collapsing the list allow you to be acquainted with different features of the application, such as:
    - Total number of elevators, number of faulty elevators and number of calls are shown on each level. This information is updated automatically or can be refreshed manually.
    - The lowest level is the elevator’s screen. It shows the current floor the cabin is located, lift unit messages and errors, user input’s state and control, etc.
    - A virtual Service Tool is available from “LU Settings” screen. The Service tool is developed by “Lift-Complex DS”.
    - From elevator’s screen also available:
    - Event log for the elevator
    - View history of faults/damages for the elevator
    - Playback voice negotiations between passenger and dispatcher/technician
    - View main gear and door gear statistics
    - Battery status check, make tests
    - voice negotiation with elevator’s cabin or machine room
    - reception dispatcher calls

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