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    Get a highly customizable audio and/or visual alert for any email or SMS/text message. Simply supply search phrases, names, numbers, etc. to match incoming email or text messages. Get an alert on important email/text message from your spouse, kids, boss, etc. Alerts can be set at maximum volume with a highly noticable alert screen and they can be set to alert you gently...or anything in between.

    AutomatonAlert also allows you to choose emails that you want to be reminded about later but ignore for now. Just save any message in your alert list or from your INBOX and create a reminder for when that message becomes important again.

    AutomatonAlert comes with two widgets for quick access to sounds and visual alerts.

    The Pro version unlocks several features:
    - No ads
    - More than 3 accounts allowed
    - More than 3 search filters allowed
    - Auto-acknowledge alerts
    - Set a daily Quiet-Time window


    Search/Filter messages:
    - Matched messages have their own alert/notification.
    - Search phrases can contain wildcards for matching:
    . “*” (one or more characters)
    . “?” (a character)
    . “#” (a digit)
    . “|” (“or” as in “this|that”)
    See website under “Help! > Quick Help” for more information.

    - You can set the search phrase to “<<default>>”. This special search phrase matches any message not already matched. This lets you set a default ringtone or sound for each email/SMS account. From there, unique alerts/notifications can be set for those you want to stand out.

    Configurable alerts/notifications:
    - Unique ringtones/sounds can be used for messages that match your search phrase. This gives you a substitute for the device’s message notification. And as mentioned, it goes a step further in letting you assign a unique sound for each search phrase that you use to match messages.
    - Play any sound that's on your device: ringtones, alerts, songs...any sound file
    - Create a sound only alert: from a minimum of one loop or two seconds up to an hour.
    - Create a visual alert: a unique and easily identifiable alert screen that you can dismiss or snooze.
    - Use both for an alert that won’t go unnoticed.
    - Alerts can also be shown in the notification area, using the LED, and with vibration.

    Save matched messages into 2 difference lists, “New” and “Seen” or automatically delete them. With saved alerts:
    - Set as a favorite so they aren't accidentally deleted.
    - Zoom in for easier reading
    - Set a reminder alert can be set for a saved message

    Set a reminder alarm:
    - On any matched message or on any message in your Inbox:
    - 1) Tap on the clock on a message in the “New” or “Seen” list to set a reminder; 2) For messages not already in a list, just download the Inbox message from the app and set a reminder.

    Auto-acknowledge alerts/notifications for when you're not there.
    - Configure how long an alert will go off until the app auto-acknowledges it as either snoozed or dismissed.

    - For both widgets: With the tap of a button quickly turn off sounds or pause alerts from showing.
    - For the 3x1 widget: Quickly override the volume of alerts by toggling through low, medium, high, and default. Great when you're in a car and need loud alerts, or in a quiet place and need soft alerts.

    Set default time limits on alerts:
    - Ensures that alerts don’t go on forever while you're not there (for example when your cell is in a locker).

    Quiet Time:
    - Set a daily time range when alerts should not sound or be seen.


    - Your messages: For message matching.
    - Your personal information: lets you easily choose contact(s) for the search phrase.
    - Network communication: to access the email accounts you've configured.
    - System tools: lets the app can check your messages in the background; keeps a large set of matches from overwhelming the system.
    - Network communications: checks to see if background data is disabled.
    - Hardware controls: allows the vibrator to be used in alerts.
    - System tools: automatically start at boot.

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