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    AutoReply is the application that will reply instead of you!!

    The main goal of this application is to manage all the calls and sms’s that you receive when you can’t by any reason (you are in a meeting, have left your phone charging, on holidays, you are driving,...or simply you don't want to answer) replying to them with an sms. So with this application you get the phone auto-management when it receives any event from other people (sms or call), answering to them or communicating this event to other people by an sms.

    The user creates and defines the rules for replying when the phone receives an event (sms or call) as he wants.

    - Replies to sms and calls received automatically.
    - Easy management through rules definition for replying.
    - You can define in every rule if you want to reply to the sending/calling number or to a different number.
    - It is allowed to have more than one rule for the same sort of event (different action depending of calling/sending number).
    - If there is a rule for a specific phone number (that generates the event) and another rule for any number and the same sort of event (sms or call), AutoReply applies the rule for the specific phone number when it happens but not the general one (because it has been defined a specific rule for that phone number).

    Examples of use:
    - I have the phone charging battery in home but I must go to work, I wait an important message or call. With AutoReply I can set the the rules for answering (saying “call me to this other number, please: …”) or sending an
    sms to my other phone (my work phone) saying that someone (the call I was waiting for) has called me.
    - I am in a meeting or driving for a long time so I can not answer calls or sms’s. I can use AutoReply, of course, for example to send an sms to somebody to attend the important calls of my work instead of me.
    - I am on holydays, I can configure my work phone with AutoReply for answering by itself (saying who substitute me in holidays). Just like many people do for emails.
    - And a lot of them more!!!

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