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    AwareTasks is a reminders app that takes into account a dimension that many apps ignore: where are you are! AwareTasks offers the ability to set reminders based on not only time, but also your location. Ensure that you are reminded of your tasks not only when you need to complete them, but where you can as well.


    * Create tasks that remind you at a certain time or location.
    * Set the task location by typing an address, typing coordinates, or choosing from a visual Google Map!
    * Create tasks that repeat daily.
    * Lightweight and Holo themed.

    Upcoming Features:

    * Hybrid tasks that are alerted in a certain time frame at a certain location
    * Task grouping
    * More repeating task options
    * Search for addresses on the visual map
    * Custom notification options


    * Internet - Required for Google Maps services, such as searching for coordinates using an address or business name or showing a visual Google Map
    * Location - Required to launch a notification at a certain place
    * Run at Startup - Required to reset all notification alerts after a reboot
    * Vibration - Required for notifications that vibrate the phone depending on the user's default settings
    * Read Google Service Configuration - Required for Google Maps services.

    Originally created by Justin Gallagher, Marco Alvarez, and Luis Dominguez. Maintained and updated by Justin Gallagher. Offered completely free of charge, with no ads or in-app purchases.

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