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    ** Now Includes Home Screen Widget! **

    Do you want to stop yourself swearing/cursing, burping, picking your nose, being untidy, or any other number of bad habits? Bad Habit Box may be what you need to acheive your goal!

    Main Features:-
    * Track one or more Bad Habits
    * Each with a monetary penalty
    * Every time you commit the Habit, tap it to add the penalty
    * Outstanding Debt is tracked for all Habits
    * Choose from either a preset or custom payment goal
    * Payment Goals can be setup with an optional URL (e.g. charity website)
    * Keeps a History for each Habit showing recent penalties
    * Handy home screen widgets for viewing/adding penalties

    Bad Habit Box is based on the practice of keeping a swear box. The basic rules of a swear box are that for every time the owner of the box swears they insert a predetermined amount of money - a penalty for their action. Over time the owner swears less because of the associated penalty until finally they eliminate their swearing completely.

    Bad Habit Box takes this basic idea but applies it to all bad habits the user wishes to eliminate.

    Users can monitor multiple bad habits and assign each habit a different money penalty. Every time you commit one of your bad habits, touch the name of the habit in the list and the penalty amount will be added to your outstanding debt. Once you are ready to pay off your debt you can use the "Pay Outstanding Debt" feature to optionally navigate you to a charity website, banking website or user specified location in order to pay off your debt.

    For any habit the user can view a "Habit History" to track how many times they have committed the habit over time.

    !!New!! Home screen widgets allow the user to keep a handy widget for each of their habits on the home screen. The user can then add penalties directly from the home screen without having to open the app.

    Bad Habit Box is currently only available in English with plans to translate to further languages as requested. Multiple currencies are available.

    The app will work on any handset but is not recommended for users of tablet devices.

    Responsive developer open to suggestions for future features. Please use the provided email address for any questions or feedback.

    * Use Bad Habit Box to save money for a special occasion
    * Use Bad Habit Box in competition with your friends or colleagues to raise money for a good cause
    * Use Bad Habit Box to track and deplete your bad habits over time.

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