Bamboo Garden




    Both an application and a technical demo.

    ## Application for Bamboo Paper users:

    This application allows you to create and pick between multiple notebooks when using Wacom’s Bamboo Paper. Note that Bamboo Paper seems to be an exclusive for Samsung and as such behaves really poorly on other phones.

    Note: You need Bamboo Paper already installed (!) and for your phone to be rooted -- I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for your device to be rooted and how this app will not work if your device isn’t.

    ## Demo for developers using RootTools:

    This application is also the very first application using not just RootTools, but more specifically RootTools’ new Java interfaces that allow developers to write root applications entirely in Java.

    ## Source Code

    This demo's source code as well as a fairly comprehensive README file can be found at

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