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    *** Please read the install section below before giving a negative review! ***

    Bauer Keyboard: A simple replacement keyboard app for Android to facilitate text entry with proper capitalization and punctuation, especially for those whose fingers are too big to type accurately on tiny screens. *This is a genuinely free app with no tracking, no advertising, and no begging you to buy a "pro version".*

    This is a very user friendly keyboard borne of frustration with the tiny keys on stock keyboards. Bauer Keyboard has larger buttons than the stock keyboard so it's easier to type accurately, even on small screens or with large fingers. Bauer Keyboard provides many more symbols and letters at once, eliminating the need to constantly switch keyboard modes. English, Latin1, Greek, Russian (beta), and Hindi (beta) layouts are available. If you need to type passwords or properly capitalized and punctuated text for business communication or command line entry, Bauer Keyboard will make your life easier. There is also now an "edit" mode that provides cut, copy, and paste functions.

    Go to Settings > Language & Keyboard and press Bauer Keyboard to make it available. (Please note that despite the security warning for all alternative keyboards this application does not access the internet.) Select Bauer Keyboard under the "Input Method" selection and you're ready to go!

    Each keyboard button has nine glyphs. Tap the button for the letter or symbol in the center position. For other letters or symbols, simply put your finger on the center of the button and drag in the direction of the symbol from the center and release.

    The keys on the bottom row are as follows:

    Tab key (): Tap for tab. Swipe up for Greek mode or down for Latin1 mode with accented letters.

    Space key: Tap for space. Arrow keys are emulated by swiping. Home: up-left. End: down-left. Page up: up-right. Page down: down-right. (The same layout as a scroll locked number pad on a normal keyboard.)

    Backspace key (): Tap for backspace.

    Enter/return key (): Tap for enter/return.

    English - Layout for US English speakers with a wide version for tablets and a big button version available in 3x3 portrait or 5x1 landscape.
    Greek & Greek Wide - Layouts for typing Greek text, including diacritics. (Diacritics now available in line without switching screens.)
    Russian & Russian Wide - Beta layouts for Russian text.
    Latin1 & Latin1 Wide - Large layouts that provide most ISO Latin1 letters and diacritic combinations without switching modes. (See screen shots.)

    Copyright (c) 2013, Fred W. Bauer
    All rights reserved.

    Derived from CompassKeyboard
    2011-2012 Gabor Simon. All rights reserved, New BSD License applies.

    Bauer Keyboard does not collect, store, or distribute any personal information, nor are any words or phrases stored.

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