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    BEAUTY NOTE (Sticky event reminder) is a simple and handy notepad and reminder app. It combines the advantages of sticky notes app, color note app, todo-list app, task management app and alarm reminder app.

    BEAUTY NOTE designed with productivity in mind for quick and easy note-taking on the go, letting you manage and differentiate your daily activities, events or working task easily with the automatically widget color transformation feature based on event status (completed/on going/uncompleted/notes). You can edit the event status by change it manually or update it from the notification screen.

    It helps you remember everything and save your ideas/notes/shopping list/todo list/messages whether you are at home, at work or on the go. It also helps to notify you all your important things with combination of various kinds of notification modes (Currently status bar notification/ringtone alarm/text to speech notiification are available).

    BEAUTY NOTE give users a good note editing and event management experience with a series of widget size, widget color, widget frame/theme design and user interface. You can add as many event reminder or notes as you need to your mobile phone's home screen and customized them with a series of colors and beautiful design.

    1) Long tap in an empty spot on the home screen and select "Widget"
    2) Drag and drop "BeautyNote" widget icon with your preferred size to the home screen.
    3) Write your notes/ event reminder/ to-do item/ anything you want to write.
    4) Set the reminder time, notification mode and widget design. Click "OK".

    For more details about how to use BEAUTY NOTE, please refer to the Quick Guide in the app.

    ● Add sticky notes on Home Screen
    ● Auto-organize event status by color
    - Green indicate completed event
    - Yellow indicate on going event
    - Red indicate uncompleted event
    - Blue indicate notes
    ● 3 notification mode (Different combination create different effect)
    - Notification mode: Status bar notification
    - Notification mode: Ringtone alarm
    - Notification mode: Text to speech reminder
    ● Request for update the event status for each notification
    ● Manage the event status manually (Completed, On Going, Uncompleted, Notes)
    ● Powerful notification: Repetition duration, auto dismiss duration, volume control, vibration, tts language
    ● Checklist for current events that added on home screen
    ● Checklist for the deleted events
    ● Direct access event configuration interface from events checklist
    ● Events can be edited or deleted from the checklist interface
    ● 5 available widget sizes (2x1), (4x1), (2x2), (4x2)
    ● 3 different widget frame (Old paper), (Grunge art), (Metal frame)
    ● 3 different widget theme/background (Natural), (Bubbles), (Gradient)
    ● Total of 144 different widget design from the combination of different size, frame, theme and event status

    We will keep update "BEAUTY NOTE" with more new features added in future updates. We appreciate for any suggestion or feedback. If you have any questions or found any related bugs/issues, please email us at We're here listening to you! Thank you!

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