What can BeeHalf do for you?

    Let's say you are used to check a text message you receive on your phone containing the measure of your solar photovoltaic rig daily production of energy or you are subscribed to a syndication service which informs you of the last quotation of the day of a share you hold in your portfolio on a daily basis and you read only one value from that message and rewrite it on a spreadsheet to see how it is performing.

    Sometimes you get bored doing it every holy day and, because it is likely you lose some, you must recover somehow if you want to have all data correctly acquired, so you have to do it as soon as you can. But, will you?

    Well, this is where this app can help you because it does it ... on your behalf ;)

    As of now, only RSS feeds and SMS are the available choices, but in the future it will be available on emails and, possibly, web pages, as well. You instruct the app at the moment you need to start monitoring the receipt of messages coming from only those phone numbers you tell or give the web address of the Feed source you want it to read for you and select the place where the datum you are interested in is effectively located.

    Since then on, it will read that data, in that position but only when the incoming message resembles the first one you made the selection on. Only in this case it will be processed and the new figure in place of the one you chose will be read, stored and plotted if a (or even more) widget has been placed on the homescreen with that channel as a source to let you watch what the overall performance is for that variable.

    After having created a new channel of information you can place a widget on the homescreen of your device (smartphone, tablet or anything else in between) by adding a an ordinary widget sized as you prefer from those in the list. You will see a graph of that entity and will be able to set customized thresholds in order to see, at a glance, if that figure is performing good or not. This way you will be able to build your own cockpit of sensible data you are used to watch every day.

    Soon, a function to send all collected data for one channel by email for further calculations will be also made available.

    Don't forget, the two main steps needed to start plotting your measure:
    • First, add a channel from where your information can be taken from
    • Second, add a widget of the size you prefer to your homescreen with the reference to that channel and as soon as data will be collected you will see a graph take life without using a single finger.

    NOTICE: The free version, that is, the one without the relevant unlocker, will start alerting you to buy a license as soon as data older than 1 month are detected and they won't be plot as well.

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