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    #1 Android WiFi Application:

    If you want Android WiFi switching, you’ve found it! BestSignal represents an Android WiFi switch unlike any other. While most Android WiFi apps will only switch between two WiFi networks, BestSignal will make an Android WiFi switch to EITHER another (stronger) WiFi network OR to your phone’s cellular signal (provided it, too, is sufficiently strong to justify switching).

    Because BestSignal’s Android WiFi switch occurs ONLY IF there’s another, stronger (WiFi OR cellular) signal available, BestSignal can literally boost a phone’s average data speeds AND save Android battery!

    No other Android WiFi application compares. Just download it and go! Default settings do the rest – even though BestSignal includes an Advanced Network Settings page that allows for greater personalization and flexibility for users’ convenience.

    ***App Review--

    ++Droid Idol (4.5 out 5 stars): This is "an extremely useful [app] that has something for virtually every user out there. The ability of BestSignal to stop using the Wifi when the signal gets bad enough can save the user a great deal of time (and as a result of getting their tasks done faster, battery) when connected in an area in which the signal is weaker. . . . [and] [f]or users who are on a metered plan, this app can be a godsend that can save you a great deal of money and frustration."

    Additional Features:

    ✓ Includes easy access to WiFi and cellular radios’ settings AND battery-saving toggles to further help save Android battery. This can make a big difference!

    ✓ Includes an ad-free version of BestSignal’s Android data tracking app, which will report user’s cellular AND WiFi data usage by individual application, day, week, and (monthly) billing cycle. All of this is displayed on a single, interactive and beautiful one-page layout. See the photos!

    ✓ Allows users to avoid an Android WiFi switch to 2G (EDGE, GPRS, etc.) networks altogether if users prefer.

    ✓ Only connects to strong open and configured networks (users choose the strength) – so you can enable open networks and not worry about becoming trapped on a weak WiFi signal.

    ✓ Runs in either the foreground or background. You choose!

    ✓ Very small application and fully optimized to further help save Android battery.

    ✓ Beautiful and intuitive user interface.

    ✓ And much, much more!

    -Developer's Note: Please Contact BestSignal Before Leaving a Bad Review. We will attempt to solve any problems and offer a complete refund if the application fails to work due to a hardware failure or user error.



    ****Important Info __ PLEASE READ****

    -There is a known issue on the Samsung Galaxy S2s running Gingerbread and it affects ALL signal applications, BestSignal included. If you own a Gingerbread-enabled GS2, please save your money and don't download BestSignal. For now, there is nothing we can do about it. See Thank you. (NOTE: The Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean update may solve the issue.)

    -Download BestSignal right now and see what makes it the #1 Android WiFi application!!

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