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    "Bizcaroid" uses the "Mobile OmCR" technology which is proprietary of OMRON SOFTWARE Co. Ltd. It is an application that uses the camera of the device to capture and extract information from business cards.


    Business card capture 〜 OCR recognition
    - The following items are taken from a business card captured by the user, recognized by OCR, then it is converted into business card information and displayed.
      ・ Name
      ・ Pronunciation guides (furigana)
      ・ Company
      ・ Department
      ・ Title
      ・ Postal Code
      ・ Address
      ・ Tel
      ・ Mobile
      ・ Fax
      ・ E-mail
      ・ Web

    * It is also possible to edit the information displayed.
    * In the recognition results screen, it is also possible to add and notes.

    Address book registration
    - The scanned business card information can be registered into the address book.
    * Data can be registered to the main address book of the device as well as registered accounts (e.g. Gmail).

    Sync with Evernote
    - The captured business card images can be uploaded into Evernote for Android (user notes) by direct launch within the application.
    The images can be uploaded with the tag ""business card"".
    * If the application has not been installed the Evernote homepage will be shown.

    Multi-language support
    - The application can also be switched into the following languages which also match the system localization of the device.
      ・ Japanese
      ・ English
      ・ German
      ・ French
      ・ Italian
      ・ Spanish
      ・ Chinese (simplified)

    Language of capture
    - In Settings, the language of the business card to capture can be switched to either English or Japanese.

    Design settings
    - In Settings, the display can be switch into any of the following designs.
      ・ Simple
      ・ Chic
      ・ Motherboard
      ・ Jewel
      ・ Leather
      ・ Champagne

    Extension apps
    - The following optional extensions (sold separately) can also be linked to this application.
    ・ Bizcaroid Ext. -Continuous
    (Continuous capture and OCR recognition)
    ・ Bizcaroid Ext. -Cloudplus
    (Upload the business card information into Evernote)
    ・ Bizcaroid Ext. -Vcard
    (Export the information to a SD-Card in vCard format)
    ・ Bizcaroid Ext. -Afteranalysis
    (Countinuous OCR recognition of stored business card images)

    * For more information please consult the About screen of each extension app.
    * At the bottom of the About screen of each extension app select the information of the developer that read "See more Applications".

    ・ An Android 2.1 smartphone or higher with camera attached.
    * An auto-focus capable camera is required
    * A 2 megapixel camera or higher is recommended

    * EVERNOTE, the Evernote Elephant logo and REMEMBER EVERYTHING are trademarks of Evernote Corporation and used under a license.
    * Bizcaroid and OmCR are trademarks of OMRON Corporation.

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