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    Stay connected to your headset with Bluetooth Finder and save a life! Let BF be your BFF!

    Every year millions of headsets are sold worldwide and they are now becoming more common place with our distracted driving laws. If you pick up a phone or text while driving, you're not only doing something dangerous, but risking a hefty fine.

    We're here to advocate the use of the Bluetooth Finder along with Bluetooth headsets to fight the distracted driving epidemic. The cost of a headset is a small price to pay in comparison to the damage and losses distracted driving can create. There are on average 11 teen deaths EVERY DAY (Ins. Institute for Hwy Safety Fatality Facts)

    Help us fight distracted driving by using the Bluetooth Finder and you can save a life. Texting while driving is 6X's worse than drunk driving and causes approximately 1.6 million accidents every year (National Safety Council) accounting for 25% of ALL car accidents. Stay focused and connected to the road and get the Bluetooth Finder! Every smartphone should have one.

    The Bluetooth Finder can help prevent the loss of your device and to locate them. It comes bundled with features which will help you in tracing your steps back to your device. It also remembers where you parked your vehicle and helps to conserve the life of your battery.

    Main Features:

    > Bluetooth out-of-range Notifications: via pop-up message/vibration/tone/ LED flash
    > Device Search: a tool designed to help search for your Bluetooth device which are connected and in Bluetooth range.
    > Disconnection Log: tracks the activity of your disconnected device by storing a GPS coordinate where your device was last connected.
    > Scheduler: set the times to turn on/off Bluetooth to conserve battery life.
    > Vehicle Locator: uses GPS to store vehicle location/information.


    > Other than keeping track of your Bluetooth devices and headsets, be creative in tracking the things that mean the most to you, close to you. By attaching or giving a Bluetooth headset or device to your kids, family member or pet, you can track their whereabouts wherever they may be, whether it’s in a mall, at a family event or even in the home. This is not intended to replace your personal attention for your loved ones, but it is an additional measure for peace of mind.

    > Another great use of the Bluetooth Finder is that it also works in the reverse manner. If you have your headset paired but happen to misplace your phone, you can use your headset to find your phone by turning off your headset temporarily, then look and/or listen for the notifications if they are active.

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    > Please note: This app does not automatically connect to Bluetooth devices, so devices must always be turned on and connected to work. Keep in mind also that in places such as parking structures your received signal strength may fluctuate.

    Thank you for your support!

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