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    You may at times experience issues connecting to our API due to a timeout issue. We are seeing this intermittently, on both of our servers and we are currently working with our hosting provider to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

    Please check for more information. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    The API and SSH Tunnel Plugin is now Open Sourced on GitHub. You can check how we use the connection details and your data (prove we don't steal anything) or to install on your own server). Check our knowledge base for more information on how to install.

    Boardies MySQL Manager is a simple and lightweight application that allows you to manage your MySQL databases from anywhere without needing to pull out your computer.

    It provides quick access to your MySQL Server (MySQL Server needs to be accessible via the internet) and provides quick access to all of your databases and tables.

    For free, it allows you to view your databases and tables, as well as the data contained within them, retrieve common SQL statements, such as CREATE TABLE, SELECT * FROM, UPDATE TABLE, DELETE FROM etc which can either be copied to your devices clipboard or sent directly to the SQL editor. You can write your own queries within the SQL editor, which includes SQL Keyword Highlighting, however, queries cannot be performed that will modify the database without purchasing the upgrade (in app purchase).

    The app supports connecting to your database over the internet, or, by going through an SSH tunnel.

    The API is available to install on to your own web server if you prefer not to use the Boardies IT Solutions Server

    Within the pro version (in app purchase required) you get all of the above, minus the ads but you have absolutely no limits on what queries you can perform, you can even modify your database if required.

    To prevent accidental deletions of all of the data, it includes safe mode so that UPDATE and DELETE queries will not be performed unless a WHERE clause is present in the query.

    - Connect to databases - database has to be accessible on the Internet and have the necessary remote privileges
    - Connect to database via SSH tunnel using username and password
    - Connect to database via SSH tunnel using public/private key
    - Allowing view of database tables - no limits
    - Allows editing of database tables - pro unlock required
    - Allows editing of row via a form - no need to manually create update query
    - Works over a PHP API which can be installed on your own server - see the code and how it works before using it yourself
    - All data between your device and the server running the API is fully encrypted before tranmission and if you are using the default API provided by us, its also transmitted over HTTPS so your data is safe.

    Please note, this is currently in beta, and therefore, could contain bugs. Please report any bugs on our bug reporting system at

    ***Special offer, pro unlock in app purchase is 50p limited time only***

    Suggest new features and improvements or get help regarding the app using our Google+ Community. Visit

    If you notice a bug, then please report it to us using our bug reporting service at Please do not just give us 1 star rating/review it doesn't help us improve the app and it ruins our reputation. We want to make great apps

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