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    An open source book cataloguing application (source on github). Books can be added manually, by ISBN, or barcode.

    Remember to backup and export your existing catalogue before you upgrade!

    Book Catalogue is NOT a book reader.

    Features include:
    * Sorting by author (last name), title, series, etc.
    * user-defined sort and list styles
    * Search Amazon, Google Books, goodreads and LibraryThing for data
    * Searching
    * Thumbnails (download, gallery or camera)
    * Loaning books
    * goodreads synchronization
    * Export and Backup
    * Bookshelves (books can be on multiple shelves)

    Want a wishlist? Just create a bookshelf called 'Wishlist' and start adding books.

    Please email us (below) if you have any issues after an upgrade.

    Wiki can be found at:

    Full history at:

    Recent History:

    New in 5.1.0

    * Italian translation (Eugenio Davolio)
    * Spanish translation (José M. Galdo)
    * Turkish translations (Emir Sarı)
    * Ability to archive only new/updated books and to exclude covers (or books)
    * Better thumbnail size in lists for high density screens
    * Added options to see books by author/series at Amazon
    * Other minor bug fixes

    New in 5.0.8

    * More German translation updates (Robert Wetzlmayr)

    New in 5.0.7

    * Fixes to bugs introduced in 5.0.5!

    New in 5.0.1-5.0.5

    * Style 'Added date' is now in descending order for Android 2.2+
    * New field: Language
    * Minor Performance improvements for Android 2.2+
    * Translation updates (Imkal)
    * Bug fixes

    New in 5.0.0

    * A non-editable view of book details, with 'fling' support! (Nick Silin)
    * Archiving of entire catalogue, including books, covers, preferences and styles
    * Updated and improved interface, including Action Bar suppor (should work better on devices without menu buttons)
    * Support for pic2shop scanner
    * More French translation updates (Imkal & Djiko)
    * More German translation updates (Robert Wetzlmayr)
    * More Russian translation updates (Nick Silin)
    * Bug fixes

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    Users comments for Book Catalogue

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Jan 14, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    I loved it.

    Matt Wright

    by Matt Wright

    Jan 14, 2018  |  "Great"

    Good interface. Great I can back up. Good returns searching on a bar code

    Thomas Winger

    by Thomas Winger

    Jan 13, 2018  |  "Great"

    Great replacement for the native Goodreads app. It stores the database offline so you can check it when at the library or shopping. It would be even better if it offered a quick and easy way to mark a book as "I own it", which otherwise requires a lot of digging on the Goodreads website.

    Manuel Muro

    by Manuel Muro

    Jan 12, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    I have an extremely large library as I read more genre of books than some people books in their personal library and now I can manage it VERY easily and prevent buying another copy of a book I already have....unless I want to in order to give copies to friends! With the barcode reader and the link to the UPC database, I can easily and quickly add a book to the book database in my CELLPHONE, so I will carry a checklist of what is in my physical library no matter where I go and it allows me to easily track who I lend my books out to and I have done that already and it is amazingly easy to do so! What a great app and kudos for open sourcing the code too!

    Ann Gerheart

    by Ann Gerheart

    Jan 09, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    The best book library app out there! I have 1500+ books that I use with Goodreads. It's far easier to use then Goodreads so I prefer to use it and then sync it to Goodreads.

    Andris Ravasz

    by Andris Ravasz

    Jan 05, 2018  |  "Great"

    Really nice app to hold library. What I'm missing: ISSN support, camera fails (on 7/Nougat), no synchronisation (just export/import)