Pump your brain with text information such as daily affirmations, goals lists, to-do lists, study material (quizzes, tests, exams, vocabulary, foreign languages, SAT, GRE, SAT, CFA, etc), formulas, speech material, religious verses and more.

    BrainPump has an easy-to-use interface which allows you to enter text data line by line. Once data is entered, you can step through it manually or pump it at slow, med and fast (subliminal) speeds.

    Use BrainPump to program your mind subliminally to achieve goals and remember information. BrainPump can be used for affirmations, a cornerstone of many phenomenal high achievement methods created by experts in high achievement such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and many more.

    Einstein said it takes 11 positive inputs to override one negative input. Use BrainPump to override your recurring negative thoughts with new positive ones that you desire.

    Daily affirmations can be used for many purposes to shape your life: increased confidence, self esteem, weight loss, dieting, exercise, personal excellence, improved study habits, relationship repair, social skills, memorizing wedding vows... the list is limitless.

    Start using BrainPump today to achieve your goals and get yourself on the path you want to be on.

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