Breeth - DIY Coaching

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    Breeth (aka Breathe) - a lightweight DIY coaching app - designed to support individuals who find themselves in a charged and emotional state.

    Breeth helps you to quickly work through an emotionally charged situation. By the end of the process it will hopefully have helped you to lower that state and given you some space to see what actions you can take. You can then text or email your action steps to yourself, as well as saving it to your phone. When you've completed the action steps, you can go back to the saved challenge and tick them off! You've just worked through and completed a difficult challenge! Congratulations!

    Over time, the saved history of your challenges (from your sms/emails) can be a valuable set of data for your own self analysis, and may help you gain some insights for your own personal growth.

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    Thanks to JamesT, GriffG, and PeterE for spurring the development of the app.