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    Byggnet Verify is an easy to use utility for verifying state of construction documents. Byggnet Verify is a part of Byggnet, informations systems for the construction and real estate market.

    By using Byggnet Verify you can avoid obsolete versions of blue prints and other related documentation. Byggnet Verify is a unique application providing all members of the construction project and the constructions site the means to easily and quickly verify that they have the right documentation.

    When a document is uploaded to the Byggnet web system it will be branded with a unique QR-code.

    Using the App for communication with the web system, the documents version state can be checked as long as you have access to a QR-branded drawing. It is also possible to generate reports – these will automatically be associated with the correct document/blue print. Reporting is done in simple steps where user chooses report categories, and/or writes a short message and/or takes a picture to document the subject of the report. In the web system you can manage and view all incoming reports and when and if they were resolved.

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