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    Not a morning person? Waking up has never been as much fun when you create a personalized alarm with byME Time.

    Your Android phone features many applications, but the alarm app by byME Tech aims to make your mornings a little more pleasant. Don’t be late ever again. Whether you’re traveling or just need a reliable wake-up call, enjoy the convenience of having an alarm on your cell phone that you can take with you anywhere you go and set any time you want.

    Available in both a free version and a full featured paid version. Start by installing the free version and then upgrade to byME Time Plus within the app!

    Free Version Features:

    - Free app

    - Includes 10 cool alarm sounds
    - Air Horn
    - Alarm Bell
    - Birds in the Forest
    - Alarm Clock Buzzing
    - Cat's Meow
    - Dixie Horn
    - Dog's Bark
    - Rooster's Crow
    - Siren
    - Whistle

    - Option to use your phone's ring tones or MP3s for alarm sounds

    - Many different snooze options and durations
    - Turn the snooze feature on, off, or make the length of the snooze cycle decrease each time by choosing incremental to coax you out of bed.

    - Ability to set alarm volume to your preference. Crank it up to wake you up!

    - Set your phone to vibrate when the alarm sounds to start your day with a little buzz!

    - Write yourself an alarm message of up to 140 characters reminding you why you have to get up

    - Set multiple alarms, each with different options and messages

    Full Version Features (byME Time Plus)

    - No Ads to view in the app

    - 5 more alarm sounds
    - Bear's Growl
    - Drumline
    - Native American Flute
    - Submarine Horn
    - Soothing Ocean Waves

    - Plus Wake-Me-Up: To make sure you really are awake when you dismiss the alarm, you have to complete the selected task to turn off the alarm.

    - Chasing Time: That little bugger, time, always running away from you. Give him a good tap to shut him up!

    - Typewriter: They say a monkey randomly hitting the keys of a typewriter will eventually recreate the works of Shakespeare. Let’s see what you can do. Retype the message you see from the typewriter within 30 seconds or the alarm will sound again.

    - Math Solver: Solve the math question on the chalkboard in 30 seconds or the alarm will sound again, and yes, you can ask for a different problem.

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