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CAL Select

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    « CAL Select » first universal, digital color specifier with adhesive films.

    Colorix’s « CAL Select » for the first time includes leading brands of self-adhesive films. Exclusive software, especially developed for decorators, sign makers, stand builders etc. brings a selected color instantly to a picture.

    Selected colors (except metallics) shows up instantly on the screen of an Android device including its reference number and RGB values.

    Thanks to its exclusive software original colors can instantly be applied (text inscription, car, logo etc.) to a picture taken by an Android device.

    « CAL Select » not only saves the professional and his clients considerable time when surching for the right color, but shows the selected color immediately on the object.

    The professional instantly finds a particular color within a specific series; no more time-consuming search consulting several color specifiers.

    « CAL Select » instantly finds the identical or a similar color tone within a color range. Additional color specifiers such as NCS and RAL may be downloaded into the App.

    Due to technical limitations, colors seen in this App may not accurately reflect paint colors. To confirm your color choices refer to your color cards.

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