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    ☆★Dpi Calculator★☆

    It is an application which calculates quickly resizing to resolution [ resolution / present ] to ask for!
    Since there are two input columns, calculation is possible at length and the time of horizontal said!
    It is application useful for resizing of a picture!

    1.Choose the Present Dpi.
    2.Size is Inputted --
    3.Tap Caluculation (Calculation) --
    4.Each Resolution is Displayed!

    In the example,
    it has calculated whether what in other resolution,
    happens the picture of present hdpi 100*100.
    The result,
    ldpi 50*50
    mdpi 66*66
    hdpi 100*100(it does not change)
    xhdpi 133*133

    It came out and a certain thing was understood.
    It is the tenderness design whose calculation is possible in input of only one of the two!

    [The circumstances of development]
    In order to calculate resolution simply,
    it made for itself.
    Since it was also wasteful to have put it to sleep,
    it decided on public presentation.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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