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    Kitkat-Users with SMS Problems see below!
    - BETA: Russian, French
    - Supports the AUX-Output and reacts on Alarms (Hi-Temp/Lo-Temp/Burglar)
    - FAQ
    - Translation required:
    This program allows you to easily control the Webasto Thermo Call 3 (TC3) heater via SMS.
    With the widget, you have the current state of the heater always on view.
    Two off-times per day (of week) allow flexible preferences.
    Decide at what temperature the heating to be turned on.
    With the "continuous check 288" You can record temperature and voltage characteristics continuously and graph.
    Export the database with the temperature and voltage data to your SD card or directly to your Dropbox.

    - SMS sending and receiving of communication with the heater
    - Internet access in order to export the measurement data to the Dopbox

    To use the program properly you should get a SMS Flatrate for both the heater and your Android device. This app is designed for the control of the Webasto heater with the Thermo Call TC3.

    Inquiries and comments to

    Attention KitKat User (Android 4.4.x)
    Starting with KitKat, there can be only ONE App wich can delete a SMS or set it as read.
    Therefore, the default SMS app now reports always receipt of confirmation SMS from the heater.

    Although this is a welcome safety feature, so disturbing, it is in the SMS Standheizungsapp because each response from the heater throws an SMS notification.
    Fortunately, the built-in SMS app be permitted to SMS numbers as spam.
    Thus, the SMS is indeed correct in the Standheizungsapp to, but is no longer signaled by the SMS app - see example graphics.
    To uses the "phone call instead of SMS"-function add the "SMS Standheizung Telephone"-plugin
    If you have tested the application, you can purchase the full version at
    to support me.
    The free version is not constrained.
    Thank for the feedback from Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Austria and Germany

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