Expert packaging with continuous technological innovation, reliability, flexibility, simplicity of use and care for environmental impact are the main props of Ca.Ve.Co.. The company has been on the market for many years as a leader in the production of packaging machines featuring confined atmosphere, SKIN, suitable to seal trays with heat-sealed, pressure and snap-on lids, packaging machines for meat, fish, pre-cooked food and ready meals, even sterilized.

    Ca.Ve.Co. packaging machines mount E.M.I. (electrical-mechanical-hydraulic) systems which minimize all risks of breakage, wear and dirt deposits. They also guarantee great solidity and accurate movements, which entails a dramatic reduction in maintenance costs. To understand this choice, simply consider that hydraulic devices are largely used in segments where reliability and solidity are key factors, such as the earthworks, aviation and automobile industries.

    The whole range of products passes across several test stages before entering our “racing team”, and it is only provided that these tests are successfully passed that a simple prototype can actually turn into a line of Ca.Ve.Co. products.

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