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    Chekov is a list manager built from the ground up to be clear, simple and intuitive. I know what you are thinking, another list app, right? Chekov separates itself from the competition by being more flexible and solving more everyday problems.

    Chekov can be anything to anybody depending on what you need. It can certainly be a to-do list or a shopping list. But, then, move beyond task oriented lists and you begin to see the flexibility and usefulness that Chekov brings. Chekov is about making lists of information.

    With the use of attachments (reminders, images, notes), Chekov becomes a powerful, lightweight tool that is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

    Here is the spec sheet:
    - voice recognition for super fast creation of lists
    - clean, fast, intuitive interface
    - share lists via email
    - attach unlimited reminders to a list entry
    - attach unlimited images to a list entry directly from the camera or gallery
    - attach unlimited notes to a list entry
    - star items to mark importance or priority

    Below are some examples below of how Chekov is being used by existing users:

    - Drink Up!
    For this user, keeping track of the wine she likes was a bit of a pain. Did I try this one already? So, she created a Chekov list to keep track of the wines she had tried and marked her favorites with a star. Since it is a little easier to find a wine by its label, she also attached a picture to the list entry for later identification. Great idea!

    - It’s a girl!
    Baby names enter your mind throughout the day - watching tv, reading a book, etc. Thankfully, you usually have your phone handy. For one user, she uses a Chekov list to make quick entries when a name sounds intriguing.

    - Honey-Do
    I’ve always got some things to do around the house and Chekov is a great way to make sure I don’t end up in another house...the dog house. Reminders are a key feature of Chekov and serve to provide the user with a light notification on their phone. By using a reminder, I don’t forget to water the lawn.

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