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    Chrono Ring lets you sync your ringer and notification audio settings to your Google calendar. Control your sounds when your calendar says you're Busy or Available.

    You'll never have to worry about your phone going off during a meeting again!

    * Quick Start Wizard to get you up and running fast
    * Works seamlessly with the default calendar app
    * Automatically detects new calendar events
    * Sync multiple Google calendars
    * Easily manage a complicated schedule
    * Auto-detects last minute and in-progress appointments
    * Temporary Override, for when you need to manually set your audio settings

    * Silent Mode
    * Ringer volume and vibration
    * Notification volume and vibration

    If you notice any problems send me an email: I try my best to fix any bugs asap.

    If you like my app, please rate it in the Android Market.


    1. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is NOT currently supported.
    Google modified how Calendars are handled and and an update is required before it will work. I don't have an Android 4.0 phone nor does anyone I know so expect this to be a while.

    2. One review indicated that new calendars are not picked up by the app.

    I just tried this test case and it took a while for my phone to sync the new calendar to local storage (can be checked at Calendar -> Menu -> Calendars), but once that occurred I saw ChronoRing pickup the new calendar almost immediately.

    3. There exists a bug with zero-minute calendar events where ChronoRing correctly detects the start time but not the end time.

    NEW in v1.2.0
    * Improved Temporary Override screen to display the audio settings you will be about to set. Reduces the need to remember all of your settings.
    * Small improvements to help text in Quick Start Wizard
    * Various bug fixes
    * Bugfix to fix crashes when Managing Calendars in v1.2.0

    NEW in v1.1.0
    * Temporary Override, for when you need to manually set your audio settings for a while
    * Improved Quick Start Wizard makes it even easier to start using Chrono Ring

    NEW in v1.0.1
    * Improved Quick Start Guide
    * Share button to send Chrono Ring to someone that you think will find it useful*
    * Rate button, whether you like my app or not I'd like some feedback on how it can be improved


    Chrono Ring only asks for the permissions it needs to work correctly and so I can make improvements.

    1. Read Calendar Events
    Chrono Ring needs to read your calendar or else it doesn't know when to set your audio settings

    2. Change Your Audio Settings
    Chrono Ring can modify your RInger and Notification audio settings based on your preferences

    3. Control Vibrator
    Chrono RIng can set your phone to vibrate on Ring or Notification based on your preferences

    4. Full Internet Access
    Chrono Ring sends crash reports so that I can make bug fixes

    5. Automatically Start at Boot
    If you restart your phone Chrono Ring also has to start so that it can set your audio settings

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