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    The data captured by CI SaveKad is intended to be used electronically. However, if it needs to appear on paper, such as a physical form that has been in use for years, or an acknowledgement or notification letter, we provide CI FormFiller Grid Tool and CI FormFiller Generic Edition to accomplish that, free of charge.

    Just generate a grid PDF with CI FormFiller Grid Tool, and print it out on a piece of paper. Lay it over a physical form or letter, then mark on the grid the position where each piece of personal particular should appear.

    Then create a configuration in CI FormFiller Generic Edition, and enter the position and text size for each desired personal particular.

    Finally, use CI FormFiller Generic Edition to generate a PDF file, and print it out on blank forms or letters.

    This is CI FormFiller Generic Edition. Please obtain CI FormFiller Grid Tool separately.

    Reminder :

    You are responsible for the safe-keeping of the collected personal particulars, and for making sure they are not utilized in any manner not agreed by their owners.

    Disclaimer :

    While Causal Idea attempts to ensure the application is correct, and may introduce updates whenever necessary, it does not guarantee the application is flawless, and is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage inflicted during and after the installation and use of the application.

    Third-party components :

    This application contains the file choosing component aFileChooser from iPaulPro. The license terms of aFileChooser are available at

    It also contains iTextPDF from iText Software Corp. The license terms of iTextPDF are available at

    License terms of this application :

    This application is licensed under Affere General Public License (AGPL). The terms can be referenced at

    Source code :

    The source code of this application can be obtained from

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