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    CI Notification sends SMS without having you to explicitly say who should receive it. It provides a convenient way of broadcasting messages to groups of people, and does so with personalized salutations. Each person receives an SMS bearing his or her name, automatically.

    It works with CI LinKad and CI TapKad.

    CI LinKad registers group members, who may be students of a class, members of a club, or the public interested in an event. As long as a phone number is entered while linking a person, he or she is a potential recipient of SMS from CI Notification.

    CI TapKad records the attendance of group members in activities, and allows the nature of each activity to be described using keywords.

    Depending on the configuration, CI Notification sends SMS to all the group members, or only those who attended activities, for example cooking lessons. The keyword-based filtering feature even allows the recipients to be restricted to those who attended activities of a certain nature, for example, members who attended Thai and Korean cooking lessons. This makes it convenient to inform those who learned basic Thai cooking that there is an advanced Thai cuisine lesson, without flooding the other members with a message they are not interested in.

    With a click on the notify button, followed by a confirmation button, SMS will be sent out to all the recipients. This happens without you explicitly telling it who should receive the SMS. The app decides for you.

    The default salutation function puts the first word of the recipient's name in the beginning of an SMS. So, each recipient sees his or her own name in the SMS that he or she receives. Again, this is done automatically.

    A long message is automatically split into several SMS, which will be combined by the recipient's phone. So, you do not have to worry about exceeding 160 characters in a message.

    Each time the notify button is clicked, one of the messages sent will be saved in the default Messaging app of your phone. The recipient's phone number is stated as 00000000. This allows you to keep track of the messages. As CI Notification is a message broadcast utility, it avoids saving the message for every recipient, to prevent wasting your storage space.

    This demo edition supports a maximum of 20 linked persons. If you have more members in a group, please install the paid edition.

    Disclaimer :

    Causal Idea is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage inflicted during and after the installation and use of the application.

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