CI TapKad NFC Edition




    CI TapKad records the presence of a person by tapping a contactless card or NFC tag on a reader or a phone. This is similar to an attendance tracking system, but can be used anywhere anytime, because it runs on a phone. With CI TapKad, attendance recording is not much different from paying bus or train fare. Just tapping a card will do. This is certainly more efficient and environmentally friendly than the conventional method of using a pen to tick on a printed name list.

    It is meant to be used together with CI LinKad, CI Attendance and CI Notification. CI LinKad links a contactless card or NFC tag to a person, while CI Attendance analyzes the attendance of all linked persons. CI Notification, on the other hand, sends personalized SMS to some or all linked persons, depending on configuration.

    The NFC edition is perhaps the easiest to use. No reader is required. Just tap the card on the phone. The running cost is low if used together with LinKad NFC Edition, because both rely on the built-in NFC component of the phone for reading contactless cards or NFC tags. To read contact cards, CI LinKad USB-NFC Edition which requires a cheap contact reader of model ACR-38U PocketMate is recommended. Please refer to the product description of CI LinKad USB-NFC Edition for details.

    Disclaimer :

    Causal Idea is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage inflicted during and after the installation and use of the application.