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    For considerably less than the price of an espresso drink you can text, phone, get movies listings, sports scores, news headlines, set reminders, remember things, and more, ... hands-free just using your voice!

    Cognito provides the benefits of continuous speech recognition and synthetic speech to do things for you and provide information even while your screen has dimmed or is in sleep mode. It's the only truly hands-free and eyes-free voice recognition assistant on Android, making it ideal for use on the road, in bright places where you can't see your screen, and wherever and whenever your hands are tied.

    What makes Cognito different from other voice assistant apps like Siri, Vlingo, Assistant, and Eva, is Cognito never requires that you tap an icon to speak, make screen selections, or look at the screen to see results. It simply tells you. Cognito continually listens for your voice, responds when you've spoken, and learns and improves upon recognizing your voice.

    Say things like "Where's the nearest grocery store?", "What were yesterday's baseball scores?", "Text Ben: I'll be there in 5 minutes.", "What are the top movies?", "Call Fred", or "Remind me to pick up my laundry at 4 o'clock today." without ever having to press a button or look at your phone.

    With Cognito you can hands-free:
    Send texts
    Place phone calls
    Find nearby restaurants, grocery stores, and other places
    Set reminders
    Remember things
    Make appointments or create tasks
    Get baseball, basketball and hockey scores
    Movie show times and theaters
    Local weather or in any city
    Stock market quotes
    News headlines
    Airline flight information
    The location of your car or anything you designate
    Get word definitions
    Convert units of measure or currency
    Do simple calculations
    Get the time or date
    Hear jokes or wise sayings

    ... and more features are being added all the time.

    Cognito sounds best with natural voices such as those offered by IVONA.

    Cognito uses Google Licensing technology to help prevent fraudulent use and copying. Purchased copies may only be installed on a single Android device.

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    Rafa Espinosa

    by Rafa Espinosa

    Aug 30, 2015  |  "Poor"

    My cell phone antivirus software said it's a trojan and erased it as soon as it was installed. DO NOT download

    J Williams

    by J Williams

    Jul 20, 2014  |  "Good"

    How do I syop the mike from beeping it drivive me crazy ..unless there is a way ..this is not usable

    Calvin ellis

    by Calvin ellis

    Feb 16, 2014  |  "Good"

    Why does the Mike keep beeping every 4 seconds while it's running in the background? Other than that it's good.

    zar storm

    by zar storm

    Dec 03, 2013  |  "Good"

    I can't get my the settings to save. As soon as soon I exit the app the settings are gone. Please fix.

    Bill Kiefer

    by Bill Kiefer

    Jul 03, 2013  |  "Good"

    This app almost does the job but there are some tweaks that would really help. First, it defaults to the mobile number of a contact. There is no way to call or text a secondary number. It would be very helpful if that were added. Second, this is not a one stop for all voice control app. You cannot do navigation for instance. There are some things that I would rather control with my phones vo

    Joshua Latour

    by Joshua Latour

    May 30, 2013  |  "Good"

    Its a great app but having it always listening and beeping on everything i say is a bit annoying. Maybe add a sleep/wake up phrase so that it wont make noise unless u call apon it. If it had that it would be on a path to crush some of these other assistant apps. Great app to start though!1