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    Thank you for supporting app development by buying the full version of the app from Play Store to unlock all features and to get rid of advertisement.

    By buying the full version you unlock the following features:
    ✓ Unlimited schedules, exams and holidays.
    ✓ Create and browse subjects
    ✓ Improved user interface
    ✓ Home screen widget displaying the next class
    ✓ Enhanced "Day View" screen with quick access to a specific date or week
    ✓ Full support from developer with higher priority in requesting features and reporting bugs

    Never miss a class again! This application gives you the opportunity to keep track of your classes, exams and holidays. This new version of "College Schedule" is structured around 5 entities, accessible by pressing the Menu key in the main screen, or by pressing the title bar.

    ✓ SCHEDULE: the basic object that enables all the others; you start using the app by creating a schedule.
    ✓ CLASS: a class is the basic brick of this app. When creating a new one, you fill in all the relevant details. You can see them in a screen that displays a daily view, for all the days of the week.
    ✓ EXAM: an exam is a critical part in every student's life. If you enable the notification service, you will also be notified about exams, besides classes.
    ✓ HOLIDAY: the app will take into consideration all the holidays so that the week number and classes will be displayed properly, on time.
    ✓ SUBJECT: by creating a subject you are able to see all the corresponding classes in a single place, for a quick review. You do not have to create a subject specifically. Every time you add a class or an exam, if thats class' or exam's subject does not exist, it will be created automatically for you.

    • Shake to switch from main screen to Day View screen.
    • Swipe to browse through days in Day View or through classes of the same subject from its details page (Click on any subject to open this screen).

    • Backup and Restore
    - Backup: keep a copy of your schedule in a safe place so that you can recover your schedule if you erase it or damage it.
    - Restore: recover any of your saved schedules. The app will look for them in the same place where it backs them up.
    - Email: send your schedule via e-mail.

    • Notification service
    - The notification service provides you with alerts at a fixed time before classes or exams so you will never miss them again.

    • Auto-Complete: as this came up a number of times in the previous versions, "College Schedule" now uses Auto-Complete so you do not have to write the same things over and over again.
    • Duplicate: this new feature allows you to duplicate classes for a easier way of filling in your schedule.

    • Coming soon: action bar, widgets and redesigned layouts for tablets. Feel free to request features from Settings - Feedback, or by sending me an e-mail.

    Please use the feedback forms found in the Settings screen (Main menu - Settings - Feedback) to send comments and suggestions about the app.
    Check for updates every once in a while for a better experience with "College Schedule"!

    Please give me a positive rating if you find the app useful. Before leaving a negative rating, please try to tell me about the problems you encountered in using the app.

    • Internet: "Send feedback" option
    • Write_external_storage: needed for Backup&Restore feature
    • Vibrate: required by the notification in earlier versions of Android OS
    • Receive_boot_completed: required for starting the notification service by default when the phone boots up.

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