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    Is the color swatch.
    I think that you get with the degree of color, such as to forget in the way of the designer.

    Can be used, such as lower color screen to display only open so that the space considerably.

    Changes to the color selected by the color of the background when you click on a character of color on the screen.

    Such as precision is not suitable with respect to color coloring coloring is dependent on the cell phone.
    Please use the reference level to the end.

    When the buggy, please try to install one more time to erase the app once.

    Each page can be completed in some models of mobile [menu] button to select the exit and pressed.

    Since the latest version will always give you automatic updates and I'm convenient N ('· ω · `)
    W is the feeling like you might think that increasing the update frequency is now so full of motivated

    It is assumed also considerable less trouble so lightly operation is very simple to make and look.

    In relation to your use of the app, so your ad will appear and is free of charge.

    ※ Description of Privileges
    ■ (bottom of the screen display is not a push) is the advertising authority will be able to communicate

    Pake unlimited is recommended so that communication occurs in the ad.

    I do not no artistic taste and he did not show an icon: icon change (: D) | ¯ | _
    Please send e-mail with someone (Roh Д `) boo-hoo-hoo.

    Recruitment advertising icon in the elephant painting

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    512 x 512
    32-bit PNG or JPEG format
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    1024 x 500
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    Icon of the app itself

    Kibon'nu image. ... And.
    ∧ _ ∧ who he truly
    ∧ _ ∧ ('<_ `)
    / ⌒ i (`ゝ '_)
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    . / / ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ / |
    / FMV one (two __ / | |
    \ / ____ / (⊃

    Please be. (OK neta element of degree not touch the law)

    ※ I do not want contact at the site, such as advertising and introduction. Please reprint to love and to critique.

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