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    Better life at home, greater efficiency at work with noise power

    Advantage of Using White Noise

    [Sharpening Concentration Power]
    White noise enables you to focus your attention on the work (the effect may vary depending on individuals).
    It comes in handy when you suffer from the lack of concentration power during study or work.

    [Reducing Noise]
    White noise consists of every sound, thus reduce the annoyance level of the surrounding noise.
    It enables you to read in a noisy place or take a nap at your workplace (please use headphone for these circumstances).

    [Masking Tinnitus]
    White noise is believed to have effect in alleviating the auditory cortex hypersensitivity,
    a likely cause of tinnitus (ear ringing).

    [Relaxing Effect]
    White noise resembles to the sound a pre-born baby hears in the womb,
    therefore is known to appease colicky babies.
    (When using it on a baby,
    please take necessary caution to keep a safe distance between the baby’s ear and the source of sound to avoid harmful volume level)

    [Helping Good Sleep]
    It eases the uncomfortable silence of bedrooms and creates an atmosphere ideal for inducing sleep.
    A variety of noises are available,
    from pink noise, more closely likened to the sound of womb, to the brown noise, a friendly sound favored by most people.

    *Note: the effects may vary between individuals.
    The product does not guarantee all the effectiveness described as above.


    Touch the bucket to start the noise.
    Touch the wet rag to stop the noise.
    SLEEPTIMER : Press and hold the rag.
    WAVEMODE : Touch of a fallen bucket.(You can set speed and depth of the WAVEMODE to your liking. )

    Press “Home” button to use other applications (e-books, etc.)
    while listening to the noise as background.

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