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    Don't store your paint; ColorStor it! This is the no ads version. The old paint cans in your garage for all the rooms in your house are stacking up! Get rid of them and store the room paint data only to match the right color and sheen of paint to repaint those rooms, forever. ColorStor was written to help you in your constant quest for home repair and home improvement. Store all paint information for the walls and trim for all the rooms in your entire house, as well as the outside walls and trim. Enter as many rooms as you want and name them anything you want. You can store the database on your SD card to backup your data and reload it when you change phones. By the way, I want this to be great software. Please email me with any issues you are experiencing and I will fix them immediately. (The user is responsible for backing up their own data. The author assumes absolutely no liability whatsoever for the use of this software.)

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