Compass of your Destiny

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    The SUN LANGUAGE for you, Based on the true Mayan tradition. Discover the purpose of your life!, What prevents you from fulfilling it, what your gifts are, what your mission in life is..., instructions will be given to help you understand the circumstances of your life.

    This Compass offers the following features:

    Energy or today's Maya Kin: On this screen you can see the energy (called Kin by the Mayan) coming to Earth on the very day you calculate it, according to the time, day, and country set in your mobile. Knowing this, you can synchronize with the Earth, the Nature and the Cosmos.

    YOUR PRESENT: Where you are now...

    Energy or Maya Kin of birth and Auxilliaries: It shows the perspective from which you observe this world, because at the end of the day, we are the representatives of this combination in the 3rd dimension. When we truly understand these energies, we free ourselves from the stress that implies seeing the world through our own particular way and our relationships with our peers is greatly improved.

    Your Thirteen-day week (trecena): This is your collective mission, although each one belonging to that group lives from the unique perspective of their own kin of birth. It is composed of thirteen indications to understand ourselves thoroughly.

    YOUR PAST: Where you are from....

    Kin of conception and auxiliaries: To find balance, we need to know our past in order to understand the circumstances of our present.

    YOUR FUTURE: What your Destiny is....

    Kin of destiny and Auxiliary Kin: It gives us indications of where we are heading to, it is the shadow of our possible future that guides us.

    The Compass, based on star patterns that we have rediscovered, represents the fundamental structure of our universe and guides you with the energy we receive from the suns of the Universe day after day.

    Experiment, go deeper with this tool and you'll understand the reason for many circumstances of your life, and perhaps the main reason, and if you persevere and if you dare asking, it will help you answer the most difficult of all questions: what is your destiny?

    This is for you to feel peace in your heart, so you can pass it on to your surroundings and thus for you to become a little sun that shines, that loves, warms and gives life to everything around it.

    The application takes into account the time zones of each country around the world, the time and country of birth, as well as the clock changes for summer.

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