Confidesk is a confidential, encrypted and secure mail service and cloud file storage. We offer server side or client side encryption. Our data centre is located in Switzerland. The service is available on IOS and Android; on the web via browser; or on OS X, Windows and Linux via dedicated apps.

    - We offer an email service, a cloud file storage and a password manager.
    - The basic package is free and you can use all the functions. Your account may only be deleted after 1 year of inactivity.
    - Your data is stored encrypted on our servers and synchronized with, or accessible on your connected devices automatically.
    - You can access all your data everywhere, even if you use keys to log in.
    - On desktop, we create an encrypted local drive and store your data on it for offline access.
    - You can create and use multiple email aliases and accounts in one subscription.
    - You can use your own domain with multiple email aliases per domain.
    - Your configurations and contacts are available on all your devices and connected accounts, thanks to our synchronization feature.
    - We offer you a simple tool to move your keys between your devices.
    - We help you generate your own keys if needed.
    - You can export/import your keys.
    - File sharing is available, but only in case of server side encryption.
    - Secondary authentication is available for enhanced security.

    If you need more information, please visit our home page,

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