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    ContactSync is an Android app which allows you to sync your Android contacts with CardDAV, FTP, HTTP, WebDAV servers, Cloudstorage (e.g. Google Drive), or local files (stored on the device or e.g. as a mail attachment). There are also a lot of additional features available. All this can also be done independent from the Google services.

    Do you want to check out the app for free? You can test the app and all its features without any limitations by installing this free special test version here:

    You also can buy the app directly from me, here I can offer you additional payment options (e.g. PayPal). For more information simply write me a mail or take a look at the app website.

    •Comprehensive support - Questions or suggestions? Simply write me a mail.
    •Syncs with many different sources - CardDAV, WebDAV, FTP, HTTP, Cloudstorage, Local files, Mail attachments and many more (Of course, it also supports encryption and two way sync)
    •Complex configuration? No worries, the app guides you through all the steps
    •Manage your address books and create backups with just a few steps
    •Flexibility - There are already contacts/groups stored on the device which should be pushed to the server? You need individual sync intervals for each of your contact data sources? No worries, this is possible!
    •Designed for high speed address book synchronization
    •Seamless integration with your device and your preferred contact apps
    •Secure: All the sensitive information are encrypted before they are stored
    •No secrets, you can - if you wish - always see what is happening and why.
    •Supports complex address books situations, servers and clients
    •Supporting vCards (contacts/groups) in all available versions (4.0, 3.0 and 2.1).
    •Supports self-signed certificates
    •Can create calendar entries for birthdays, anniversaries and other events
    •Unique solutions for a variety of challenges. You have special requirements? Then the app is your solution.
    •New device? Simply export\backup your configuration and import it on the new device
    •Multilingual: Supports English, German, French, Russian
    If you are interested in translating the app then simply send me a mail.

    Interesting features for large-scale orders:
    •Setup and configure your server connections through adb
    •Licensing for large-scale orders

    The app handles more contact/group data then other apps e.g.:
    address, birthdays, anniversaries, custom events, categories, groups, notes, email, instant messages, name, nickname, organizations, photos (also high res), relations, phonetic names, websites, roles, titles, Apple specific extensions, Mime dir groups, Android specific extensions, self defined custom labels, favorite contacts

    The app has been successfully tested with more then 30 different CardDAV Servers like Apple iCloud, Marketcircle Daylight, Fruux, or Owncloud. You can find a list here:

    You can find detailed information to the permissions at my website.

    If you mention any problems please contact me at If you add problems to to comments I can NOT help you because I need some information about your configuration and so on. I'm sure that I can help you to reach your goals and that I can provide the necessary support :)

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