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    Published: 2013-09-24, by .

    • Easy to use
    • Settings
    • Counting voice notification
    • Can't "save" countings and name them.
    • Can't export counting


    Are you in an event's gate and you need to count assistants? Maybe you need to count how many cars pass through a given point during one hour. Or maybe you just love numbers and want to count everything that's countable. Whatever the reason, there's a way to do it without racking your brains: checking out this counter app.

    Counter: Elegant Counting App displays an add/substract dashboard with the count in the middle. You just need to tap " " or "-" to add or substract to the count. You can easily know the final count without even looking at the screen. Press the "speaker" button and it will say it loud and clear (text-to-speech). From settings you can enable/disable vibrate on interval (and set the interval) and enable/disable shake device to reset count. You can also reset count by tapping "reset" button.

    The app is set in a minimalist yet intuitive layout. Some features are missing though: for example, naming and saving counts, adding to spreadsheets and share them. Besides, a good app that does what it promises rightly.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Sep 24, 2013


    Counter exclusive for android is a awesome counting app that puts counting at your fingertips. A free handy digital counter / tally application that lets you tap to count the things that are important to you. Replace your analog bulky metal counters with this application.

    Counting made simpler, elegant, fast and just more fun. Just a counter . . that works. It simply does what it says, no more no less.

    Pixel perfect design on your new nexus, galaxy and HTC one series phones.

    Reviews & Quotes

    "minimalist yet intuitive layout ... good app that does what it promises rightly" ~ Emmanuel Lund

    "Simple and exactly what I needed." ~ Jason Wills-Starin * * * * *

    "Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted." ~ Albert Einstein

    "I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I do know how to count." ~ Mickey Gilley

    "Numbers rule the Universe." ~ Pythagoras

    "When things aren’t +adding up in your life, start -subtracting" ~ Anonymous

    What we have been keeping track of:

    • Sheep on a sleepless night.
    • Golf strokes to get to the green.
    • Counting inmates (yes we did binge-watch 13 episodes of Orange is the New Black)
    • Keep track of your knitting with a tally.
    • Bottles of water per day.
    • 1,000 marbles and 472 beans : )
    • Great as a game counter.
    • Doorman tap to track guests at your club or event.
    • Weight Watchers points plus tracking.
    • Counter for your poker chips.
    • Census . . . . ok maybe not but someday ;)
    • Easily track your baby's kicks.
    • Collectibles, days since, keep score, push-ups, track progress, kids learn to count ...

    * Do you love numbers? have a lust for counting? Let us know what you like to track in the comments below or contact us at

    Why you will love Counter:

    • Counter / tally app that is ad / spam free. No annoying rate me prompt or spam notifications.
    • Multiple counters to keep track of everything life throws at you.
    • Ability to quickly reset your count back to zero - including shake to reset!
    • Modern and clean portrait & landscape interface that follows the android design language.
    • Automatically save the last count (remembers count even after a device reboot).
    • Go eyes-free by using the volume control to increment / decrement the counter.
    • Long key press on volume control for some speed counting.
    • Rumble feedback vibration (e.g counting in a pocket and getting the tactile feedback via vibration).
    • Settings that allow you to modify app features and behaviors.
    • Counter has found its voice! Have your current count spoken to you at a touch of a button with audio confirmation of counts.
    • Accessibility features.
    • Application can optionally be installed on your devices external storage.
    • Designed for phones and tablets.
    • Simple and focused app, as counting should be simple.

    * More features and updates coming soon!

    VIBRATE - required for rumble feedback vibration on customizable count interval.


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    Visit our website and follow us via @CodeTrickle on Twitter.

    We have put in a lot of effort to create Counter and hope to earn a permanent spot in the Tools / Utilities folder on your phone. If you notice a bug while enjoying the app or have a feature request contact us at and we will get working on it as soon as possible!

    Counter: Elegant Counting App! was designed for android 4.1 Jelly Bean to 4.4 KitKat and beyond!

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